Welcome back to a new post at This time I would like to give an introduction into the structure of my customized GitHub project template for C++. This C++ project template is consisting of a dummy library and an application that is build by cmake. The project is utilizing a debian based and customized docker image to run continuous integration builds (cmake) and executes tests (ctest) on CircleCI.

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Welcome back to a new post on This time I would like to give an introduction into an automated build setup which, based upon Jenkins and CMake, fulfills the following needs:

  • Building a ready to deploy release on every commit
  • Execution of all tests
  • Running static code analysis to track code quality
  • And easy to extend with automated deployment (CD)

For all the necessary sources, I prepared a GitHub repository. We are focusing here only on a technical part of an automated build process which is a prerequisite of a CI/CD (Continues Integration/Continues Deployment) process. It is quite a bit more necessary than just tools for a company to fully embrace the ideas behind a CI/CD process but with an automated build and test setup your on a good way.

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