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My personal view on programming languages is like my view on any other spoken language, such as french, german or english. My mother tongue is german, but I also speak enough English to express myself. For me the difference between both languages is just who to speak to so whoever I speak with understands the best of what I want to express. The language itself is secondary, in my point of view all of them have the same concepts, such as grammar and tense (I hope no linguistic experts are reading this post;). In other words, I think the concepts are important, not the language itself.

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I thought it would be a very nice idea to start my blog with a small project I wanted to do since a long time. A small tool/solver of the n-body-problem. It’s not just only the interest of solving a challenging mathematical problem with modern C++. I also love clean, concise and readable code, which is also something I would like to train and share with this project. You can find the empty repository setup at GitHub. I will always try to tag the end state of the repository after each post of this blog series.

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So this is my first blog and I would like to share my experiences as a mechanical engineer in the world of software development. I will write on this blog on an irregular base about all different kind of topics I’m interested in, such as programming, team management or other topics.

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