Books and Courses I Like


“Numerische Mathematik” from  Hans-Rudolf Schwarz and Norbert Köckler, is a very good book about numerical computation algorithms. For me a standard compendium and I can recommend it to both groups, beginners and experts. Unfortunately, I think, it’s only available in German.

There is not much to say about “The C++ Programming Language” from Bjarne Stroustrup. It is simply the standard book every C++ developer should have read.

“REST und HTTP” from Stefan Tilkov, Martin Eigenbrodt, Silvia Schreier and Oliver Wolf is a extrem good book about design and building clean REST interfaces.


HSR Logo

The HSR is hosting a very good MAS-Course about Software Engineering. I graduated from this course myself and can highly recommend it. This course is very pragmatic with lots of good hands on projects.